15 Funny Times when the Background was better than the Foreground

We have compiled a list of pictures where the foreground isn’t supposed to be the main focus, and they will definitely make you look twice. From savage photo bombs to things that were probably supposed to stay out of the frame and more, most of these surprising images are a once-in-a-lifetime type of shots their photographers will be telling their grandchildren about.

#1 Taking a picture when you decide to get a new Tux!

The guy looks really nice in the new Tux and decided to send this photograph to his Girlfriend. She was definitely not impressed with the person taking the picture!

#2 Such a nice smile isn’t it?

The horse was super ready for these cops to take a picture!

#3 Photo bombed by Batman himself!

Nice muscles but the special thing about this picture is you don't often get photobombed by the Batman!

#4 That’s how you stuff a baby in a Canon!

Mommy and daughter were enjoying a good sunny day while at the background, a kid is being stuffed into a Canon!

#5 We are glad that there is a glass wall between them!

Looks like the whale is really hungry and want to have a bite of this cute little lady!

#6 Best Accidental Photo Bomb!

We don't know whether the guy at the background is exited about his food or shocked! Nice couple in the foreground though.

#7 Looks like not everyone had a great time!

That's one hot couple in the foreground, but the girl in the background don't seem to be having a good time!

#8 The expression of the lady says it all!

We don't need to explain anything here. The lady in the background sums up everything!

#9 Is that for her or for me?

Well she looks more interested in the proposal than the couple themselves!

#10 He looks gorgeous in that dress, right?

Wait is he wearing a gown or is that the fountain? Perfect timing by the photographer nonetheless. 

#11 The little guy in the background looks in trouble!

When you are trying to capture your baby cousin, but the little guy in the background steals the show!

#12 The happy feeling when you see your next meal!

The shark looks too happy to see the guy who is taking the picture. Absolutely nailed the photobomb!

#13 When you love yourself!

The little lady thought this would be her special photo, but the boy in the background who is in love with himself had other ideas!

#14 When she really means that she is a down to Earth girl!

Three cute ladies pose for a picture, but the lady in the background had to see a doctor after this picture for sure!

#15 What a cute couple!

The dog in the background seems to have mastered the art of photobombing! 

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