20+ Craziest Shoes Designs

Fashion shows are something a lot of people are looking up to.

It’s never hard to spot the models who are in for the event as they are looking unique and perfect in all ways. However, sometimes these perfect looking models fall on the runway, and the only reason is – absurd shoe designs.

We’ve worked hard and got the craziest, weirdest and jaw-dropping collection of footwear that have been shown in the catwalks so far. These shoe designs are hilariously weird and it will make you wonder ‘who can actually wear that’.

Scroll down and enjoy folks! Share it with your friends too.

#1 Are you sure these are runway shoes?

#2 Best of luck with the fancy dress competition

#3 Uncomfortably invisible

#4 How to get your feet fractured 101

#5 Love the added heel support

#6 I guess they misplaced the heel

#7 Did she make them by hand?

#8 When you’re late for work and can’t find shoes

#9 Save Earth. Go green!

#10 These could easily top the list of worst shoes ever

#11 Did her jogging shoes melt?

#12 Recommended to fight the summer heat

#13 What Satan’s girlfriend wears

#14 I see springs. How high can you jump in these?

#15 Romans forced prisoners to wear these

#16 Keeping it simple. Nothing too extra.

#17 A guided tutorial towards ruining the shape of your feet

#18 Samurai sandals

#19 What I wish my shoes were like during summer heat

#20 Could be used as a part time sword

#21 Extra marks for the effort the designer put in just the heels

#22 Sleezy ones

#23 Russia indoors vs Russia outdoors

#24 These shoes have superpowers

#25 Only for the height conscious

#26 Inspired by Oreos

#27 Could really use the extra eyes

#28 Just like they do it in the west

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