20 Funniest Airport Pickup Signs

All of us get a chance to travel abroad every now and then. Traveling is exciting and it is equally exciting for us to come back home. People may be greeted by friends, relatives or their better halves. People often bring pickup signs along and some of them will surely make you giggle. Here are our top 20 funniest airport pickup sings:

#1 This is the cutest thing you’ll see today

#2 Can you be just a tiny bit more specific?

#3 This is how dad came to greet me at the airport

#4 This adorable at least try no matter what it is written

#5 Need Explanations

#6 So I went to pick up my brother in law at the airport

#7 The best welcome back greeting ever

#8 Picking metal bands at the airport can be tricky

#9 Best Friend Goals

#10 Wanted!!

#11 MOM! We’ve missed you

#12 My roommate made a sign for me

#13 Not wearing any underpants, not even now!

#14 My dad came to pick me up with this, and I am straight!!

#15 So my brother finished college and is coming back today

#16 The people around us were really disappointed

#17 Was the information urgent?!

#18 Diarrhea is nothing you should hide Sarah…

#19 I made this sign for my girlfriend, she gave me the smirk!

#20 I hope he’s wearing a brief…

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