20+ Funniest Puns in the History of Internet

Puns are the most common and witty form of comedy that is trending on the internet these days. They are guaranteed to make you giggle for one reason or another.

Some puns are quite clever while the others are a bit stupid. However, even the dumbest puns are often the most hilarious when combined with amusing images.

We love to make you laugh, that is why we have compiled a list of some funniest puns in the history of the internet. Scroll down peeps and enjoy!

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#3 We all bearly dress up in the summer season

#4 I am really grate-ful for everything

#5 They were on the surface just a little whale ago

#9 I also Noah thing or two about boats

#11 Would he be an Ineastigator if he travels east?

#12 What was the first thing you did after watching the new lion king trailer?

#14 I felt Soda pressed after reading this

#15 But they do have some Macbook “Air”

#16 Humans should also keep the caps lock on when it gets windy

#17 Imma track down whoever created this pun and kill him

#18 We would mist you the most in winter

#19 Mike is a little loud so please don’t mind him

#23 Do you have a green tea-shirt by any chance?

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