20 Funniest valentines day gifts and cards

When two people are together for a certain amount of time as a couple, they reach a certain level of compatibility. Along with that compatibility comes good mutual humor. We’ve compiled a collection of the funniest valentines day gift cards for you guys. Must check out number 16, it is my personal favorite.

#1 Aloe you vera much!

#2 Nothing on earth can undo a Nokia phone

#3 Roses are red, violets are blue…

#4 The best kinda love is pizza love

#5 Too late for questions honey

#6 When you decide to create a valentines card for your girl from the chocolates section of the grocery store

#7 That’s a really strong message

#8 Testing out my wife’s dirty mind

#9 I always thought getting a wife like this is a myth ** wipes tears **

#10 But Kanye loves Kanye so much

#11 She’s marking her territory with this present

#12 My wife compiled a goody pack including all my favorite snacks before our valentine’s movie night

#13 Don’t make early guesses, just like my girlfriend did

#14 Best Valentines gift ever

#15 My wife asked me for a necklace this valentines day

#16 My girlfriend gifted me this kinky towel on Valentines day.

#17 Look how happy it made her

#18 She’s not a big fan of dolphins. So I decided to gift her this…

#19 That’s the last time I scored, and it’ll count forever!


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