20 Funny Cats that will make you Smile!

As long as people have cats, there will be no shortage of funny pictures. Cats don’t stop to amaze us with their sense of humor!We have compiled some pictures which will surely make your day!

#1 When you find out that you’re pregnant!

The cat looks extremely shocked after seeing the results!

#2 That last expression says it all!

We are all familiar with that last expression. This cat just nailed this expression!

#3 What the hell are you doing bro?

Three pictures, three expressions. The last one sums it all up!

#4 Looks like he is trying to sing the Opera!

When you're trying to impress her by singing your heart out! 

#5 Biker gang spotted!

Just a gang of bikers trying to terrorize the residents!

#6 When you realize it’s your turn for the checkup!

We are not sure if she is afraid of the doctor or the dog in the background. 

#7 Who wrote this??

Her expression explains the anger and disappointment in the person who wrote this sign. 

#8 Meowfiee!

If you think your selfie game is strong then you should look at these two!

#9 Everyone should have a pocket for their kitties!

This cutie looks super comfortable in this pocket!

#10 He is angry because we moved!

He is definitely not liking the new home. He is also refusing to communicate at all!

#11 Who cares about catching mouse huh?

When she is supposed to be watching out for the mice, but getting rest is more important!

#12 Such a poser!

He definitely knows how to pose for a picture!

#13 That’s one cute assistant you got there!

The kitty looks super cute, and taking all the precautions to avoid any disease!

#14 Romeoow and Juliet!

Love has no limits and it can be seen in this picture. So much love!

#15 What did you do mom?

She is definitely not impressed with what mommy has done to herself!

#16 When you forget to charge your Cat!

This cat really looks out of juice!

#17 Warm me human!

Just a couple of spoiled brats enjoying the heat!

#18 Hey, that’s my food!!

Now, why would you feed my food to this guy? Not fair Human, not fair!

#19 She convinced him to adopt her!

She kept yelling until he adopted her. She seems satisfied now.

#20 Don’t you dare look at her!

When you catch her cheating on you with someone else!

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