20+ Hilarious Christmas Gifts That Will Make You go ROFL

Are you excited about Christmas? Well, sure you are!

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Santa or not but, the fact is that we all love getting gifts! Only sometimes the gifts are not what we expected.

These fails mostly happens by mistake but sometimes it is done deliberately for fun.

We’ve collected some really crazy and hilarious examples of such fails. From crazy muffler designs to a pair of different sized socks – this list won’t disappoint you.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps!

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#4 Could have worked before mobile phones were invented

#6 The best Christmas gift for Afro fans

#10 What’s the first song you’ll play on these?

#12 I told my son he can get me whatever he wishes for Xmas

#14 Suggest a better present than this?!

#16 The minion obsession is for all seasons

#18 T-Rex and Tacos, the perfect combo

#19 My son wanted a BIG present this Christmas

#25 Guess what I got you for Christmas?

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