20+ Hilarious Designs That Passed All Levels of Absurdity

In an age where everyone wants to be different but nobody really wants to work hard to get that status we’re seeing some of the worst designs that have ever been created in history. Some may say that we are living in a time compressed world, and creativity doesn’t foster well under a deadline. But is that really an excuse?

In our opinion, nothing can justify the assassination of fashion happening in the photos listed in this post. Scroll on and let yourself mourn over these designs.

Could a design get any worse than this?

#1 When you only have one pair of shoes and an interview in 30 minutes

#2 Totally Kissable

#3 Next on the list of useless stuff

#4 What Mrs. Sailor should carry

#5 Twisted fashion these days

#6 Hammer head

#7 Sponsored by VLC media player

#8 When you can’t decide what color suits you so you dress like a rainbow

#9 When the clock strikes 12 and you’re still not back to the jungle

#10 Looks more of an accident than a fashion trend

#11 Favorite head gear

#12 How long do you like your shoe tip?

#13 Keeping Satan away like

#14 Rough cuts

#15 Love Ramen noodles? Not more than this guy!

#16 Formal slippers

#17 Keeping the cold away

#18 When you think of yourself as a fashion designer

#19 Warm, cozy and cute af

#20 Charles Xavier ft Scott

#21 Kitty’s watching me

#22 I won’t wear this even if I get paid for it

#23 The nut-sack shoes

#24 The winner of “Most creepy handbag award” is…

#25 Turning table cloth into clothing items


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