20 Hilarious World Cup memes

The World Cup fever has finally come to an end after keeping our minds occupied for more than a month. It was a wonderful and sporty journey, an emotional roller coaster for many. However, along with the wonderful goals and nailbiting encounters, the world cup has also brought us a long lasting collection of funny memes. We’ve collected the top 20 world cup memes for you. Check them out!

#1 How to get hair like Neymar. An easy DIY tutorial

#2 Crap! Gotta change it to Blachkowskiy now

#3 Barney and Ted. The best friends that played in the 2018 WC

#4 The plane wasn’t expecting such an early flight home

#5 Neymar has got all the abilities to be a yoga instructor

#6 The kitten might do more damage than the German team

#7 2-0-18.. Remember the date

#8 You can never ever stop the dad jokes

#9 Belgium all the wayy!!

#10 It was suicidal but it was totally worth it

#11 Ref to VAR team: I can’t find the Mc Flurry snickers over here

#12 Cheering for the “One”

#13 There were traces of blood found in Madonna’s Cocaine system

#14 Just another four years of wait

#15 Business seems to be booming around here

#16 Always the right time to advertise

#17 You like them with or without the soup?

#18 Add Luca Modric to the club too

#19 Deja vu!!

#20 Easiest code I ever wrote!

#21 Diego’s gonna kill me

#22 Better luck next time…

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