20 most expensive celebrity mansions

It is a known fact that celebrities throw millions at buying expensive homes. Is it a mandatory lifestyle requirement or just to flash the cash? God knows!

Yet some of these properties have price tags that will blow your mind. Ahead, the 20 most expensive and luxurious celebrity homes. You may have your pick in case you become a millionaire anytime soon.

#1 Tom Cruise

The top gun actor's huge mansion has a worth of $59 million and is located in Telluride, CO.

#3 Jackie O

This Jackie O mansion is worth $49.5 million and is located in Washington D.C.

#4 Demi Moore

Demi Moore owns this huge house in the heart of New York City. Its net worth is $45 million.

#5 Jennifer Aniston

Jeniffer's paycheck from Friends added millions to her bank account each week. She owns this mansion in Beverly Hills that cost her a whopping $38 million.

#6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's luxurious home in Malibu looks amazing. It has a worth of $23 million.

#10 David and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham and Posh are among the most desirable couples on the planet. They live in this perfect looking home in Los Angeles. It has a price tag of $31 million.

#12 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift owns this beautiful mansion. It is located in Watch Hill and is valued at $17 million.

#13 Matt Damon

This luxurious mansion is owned by none other than Matt Damon. It has a value of $16.645 million.

#15 Mark Wahlberg

Mark Walhberg's home looks nothing less than an expensive holiday resort. Its located in Beverly Hills and has a worth of $13.95 million.

#18 Adele

Hello from the expensive mansion's side. Adele prefers Beverly Hills as the location for her beautiful home. It is valued at $9.5 million.

#20 Bruce Willis

This luxurious mansion is owned by none other than Bruce Willis. The Die Hard star purchased this home for a price tag of $11.25 million.

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