20 Most Interesting Moments in Google Map History

The world is fun when you see it through the eyes of Google Images and Google maps. You get to see a lot of weird and interesting stuff posted up there.

Google shows you all kinds of weirdos ranging from cults dressed up in costumes in the middle of nowhere to people doing funny business in their car. Google sees it all, and it doesn’t really keep anything private.

Listed in this post are some of the weirdest and funniest photos found on Google maps and Google Images.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#2 Found an image on Google Maps that depicts how shit my life is

#7 When you just don’t care about cameras anymore

#10 Some questions can never be answered indeed

#11 Not sure if Google Maps or Nat Geo

#13 Some weird shit is about to go down

#14 I think I should maintain my distance

#15 Google Maps found me The Night King

#16 When you think nobody’s watching

#17 Google got your message successfully

#18 I’m loving the content on Google Maps

#20 I have a list of questions to ask this guy

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