20+ Most Weird and Ridiculous Product Names

Naming a product is a job which involves a lot of responsibility.

The name of the product is the first impression of its features and uses on everyone’s mind. The person responsible must conduct a thorough research before naming it, or it can turn into a complete failure.

We’ve collected hilarious examples of such product names which will make you laugh.

The witty humor used in these names can offend the buyers, but if you have a good sense of humor, you’ll only buy the product because of its name.

Have a look at this epic collection.

#1 For all the corporate employees

#2 For the newly wed

#3 Who needs this?

#4 Fancy a hot drink?

#5 100% Hygienic

#6 What else do you want in life?

#7 Try out crunchy nude balls

#8 Gotta love the brand name

#9 We’ll be having poo for dinner

#10 Desperately need one

#11 Does it really help?

#12 For all the small sized men

#13 It’s legal now. Go have some…

#14 When your girl is horny, all she needs is a..

#15 That’s legit a burger name

#16 Kills thirst instantly

#17 Be gone in no time

#18 Some people just don’t know how branding works

#19 All the ultra sl*ts need to bathe in this once

#20 “Goo-goo, Gah-gah” – Baby

#21 Wanna try some child meat?

#22 Fart juice

#23 The most unique food brand

#24 Just some random crap

#25 How’s life going?


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