20+ Online Shopping Fails

Online shopping is a new emerging trend in our society. Just a few clicks and reasonable prices have made online buying experience so appealing.

Buying stuff online is a great way to save some pennies. However, sometimes the experience can be very adverse. Often the excitement of receiving your order can turn into hysterical laughter.

We have compiled a few such examples for you. All of these photos will prove that getting out of your cozy home and going to a mall is better than shopping online. Scroll down our list of the most epic fails when people got nothing as they expected.

Enjoy folks! And learn from these hilarious misfortunes of online shopping.

#8 When you expect Cute and get Scary AF instead

#11 Gotta collect the 7 Dragon Balls now

#13 This is the funniest dress I’ve ever worn

#17 They didn’t mention the chair was pocket sized

#22 I wanted it for me but they sent it for my parrot instead

#23 It ain’t so sparkling now is it?

#25 Cleaning up is gonna be way easier now

#33 They sent me a hat that looks like its made of human skin

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