20 photos that prove not all heroes wear capes

There are moments in life when you are helped by people you don’t know, yet the universe brings good fortune to all of us in one way or another. I am referring to times when either someone offered you their power bank when your phone died or that pizza delivery guy who brought loads of extra ketchup for you. All these people are the heroes that don’t wear capes. Check out 20 of these unsung heroes in this post.

#1 My kinda backpack

#2 This Guy saves the Day

#3 Do we need people like these?

#4 This life savor brought an extension to the airport terminal

#5 This country knows how to run population control

#6 The Domino’s guy got me Mcdonalds.

#7 When your friends are the real heroes

#8 You shall pass!

#9 Never thought anyone would have so much spare time

#10 The world needs more people like him

#11 No Instagram photos this time fellas!

  1. The person put the tag over the logo, “ruining” a good photo for those who like to post pictures of there drinks on social media.

  2. The cup is iconic with …or without the logo. I feel bad for these 3 customers who didn’t get that much syrup on top of their drinks!

#12 Anyone in for a BBQ party?

#13 When someone randomly understands you

#14 He deserved the heavy tip

#15 Not everyone can master this art

#16 Can’t thank this guy enough!

#17 Asked this random dude for toilet paper. My hero!

#18 My friend took my pants, he had an interview…

#19 It could have been fatal …

#20 Free gum people!

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