20+ Ridiculously Funny Sticker Placements Sure Made for Some Funny Laughs

People with price tag guns, you had one job! Though some of these sticker placements may be accidental but some of them had to be on purpose, I guess that is how bored workers get through the day.

But hey, nailed it price tag gun guy!

Here are some of the best examples of funny sticker placements that are sure to make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Do not skip the 15th picture, it is hilarious!

#1 The things you wanna know about your beloved cats

#2 The worst way to clean your ear?

#3 Childhood ruined

#4 Who wanna visit this paradise?

#5 Yeah! Cause we all are best at this

#6 The book for boys

#7 Interesting Farm

#8 The best for your burger

#9 Only for Jews

#10 Probably the best ass!

#11 Available for just $4.95

#12 Mentos to share with your friends

#13 This cat’s fantasy

#14 You need love to find a true hoe

#15 An*s 2

#16 Ho Without Toes….

#17 What’s this doctor is checking

#18 Make sure to take a slice

#19 The best thing that can be related to each other?

#20 A complete guide for friday night

#21 Complete Cock Book

#22 Learn new ways to cook your cock


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