20+ Times When Runway Fashion Went Out of Control

Is it just me or is runway fashion getting out of control?

We see more and more designers coming up with designs that are absolutely horrendous!

Is horrid the new hot? I hope not!

Designers are under a lot of pressure, and sometimes their creativity collapses under the stress and resultantly we see absurd designs that should never have seen the light of day being worn by models on the runway.

Listed in this post are some of the worst designs that were ever seen on the runway.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#4 Looks like advertisement for an eye specialist

#9 When your skin is soft and everyone wants a feeler

#10 I would totally wear this one to a party

#13 She comes walking towards you, what will be your reaction?

#15 If Red Riding hood came to a modern fashion show

#17 When you’re lazy to go the salon so you just send your face

#21 Way more pointy than anyone would like

#24 These are exactly the kinda things you see when you’re really high

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