21 Times When Celebrities Couldn't Hide Their Jealousy

Celebrities may get to wear expensive designer gowns and have their every pore attended by makeup artists but behind all that, they’re just human beings, burdened by the same insecurities and jealousy like normal people. The jealousy that celebrities possess in them is known to be much worse than normal people.

Yes, folks! from career grudges to relationships hate – the rage in our superstars can be quite serious. To prove our point, we’ve listed here 21 perfectly timed photos when celebrities couldn’t hide their jealousy.

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#2 Rihana has got her eyes on the prize

#4 Posh catching Becks is the best thing you’ll see today

#6 Couples and their annoying romances

#9 Reading conversations with the side hoes

#15 The curse of jealousy got her crutches

#17 There’s a lot of jealousy hidden behind Kim’s smile

#20 Change of seats happened right after that

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