25 Funniest Supermarket Fails

Supermarkets are a busy place, there’s always so much that needs to be taken care of. And most supermarkets are either understaffed or most of the employees are newbies who haven’t been trained properly. Resultantly we see hilarious blunders popping up here and there on various supermarket shelves that seem to be missed by everyone who’s in charge.

Listed in this post are 25 hilarious supermarket blunders and fails. You’ll completely freak out at the 16th picture. Don’t miss it, scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#14 It has bits of grapes if you’re looking for fruit

#16 Me and my mother got looked at this sign together followed by an awkward silence

#17 Is this school the place where they shoot all the horror movies?

#21 Have onions changed their identities or did the people at school played with me?

#23 That’s the kinda confusing statements I get from my girlfriend

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