30 Celebs With Wacky But Surprising Hidden Talents

We usually associate celebrities as people who can only do acting. But the truth is that, just like the rest of us normal-folks, celebrities look to their list of hobbies to keep them calm and grounded. Whether the hidden talent is shockingly creepy or strangely human – when celebrities do it, it’s always interesting!

In this post, we’ve listed photos of 30 celebs with whacky yet surprising hidden talents that you’ve probably never seen before. For example, did you know that our gorgeous Geena Davis is a pro-level archer who almost qualified for the Olympics? We bet, you didn’t! Scroll on peeps. Share these rare photos with your friends as well.

#4 Michael Shannon can fit in more than $2 worth of coins in his nose

#5 Ana Dakota Johnson can fit in more than $1100 in her tooth gap

#8 Geena Davis is a pro level archer who almost qualified for the olympics

#11 Kaley Cuoco is a professional jockey

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