30 Dumb and Accidentally Dirty Design Fails

Catchy slogans, attractive imagery – designs at their best can make your brand stand out among its competitors. However, at their worst, they can still make you famous among the people but for all the wrong reasons.

Listed in this post are 30 dumb and somehow dirty designs that will make you say WTF! You don’t have to be a direct descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, neither you need a design degree to notice the hilarious fails in the following photos. The people who made these designs either have a dirty mind or they are completely dumb!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these hilarious fails with your friends so they can laugh too.

#2 The man from Krypton was feeling lonely

#7 When you’re standing behind Kim Kardashian

#8 This attempted art inside the toilet raised many questions in my mind

#10 From adorable to frightening in no time

#11 Reminded me of my sibling adventures

#12 That’s a very giant back doorway

#20 An extra finger could always come in handy

#21 When you eat spicy food, all you get is a

#22 Are you sure we can do this with unknown passengers?

#26 I’ve never wanted to enter a washroom so bad

#28 They’re selling this to children

#30 Never knew whales are capable of this

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