30 Legendary Celebrities Who Took Selfies Way Before it Was Cool

The term selfie has become an integral part of our daily lives. The increased number of smartphones and a large number of social networking sites have made selfies an obsession for almost everyone. According to research, each day, more than 1 million selfies are posted on Instagram. People have become addicted to this habit.

However, while taking a few selfies, you must have once or twice thought about the Pioneer who introduced the very concept of selfies, right eh? Well, they certainly got popular in the 2000s, but the first selfies were taken way back. Before it became a cool trend.

Listed in this post are photos of 30 legendary celebrities who took selfies before it was considered cool. From Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliot to the legendary Mr. Bean – scroll on through this list and enjoy peeps.

#4 Stanley Kubrick On The Set Of “The Shining” With His Daughter. Apparently, Jack Nicholson Thought Kubrick Was Taking A Photo Of Him (1980s)

#5 Linda, Paul And Mary McCartney, 1969

#8 Robert Cornelius In The First Daguerreotype Taken In North America. It Is Believed To Be The First Photographic Self-Portrait, 1839

#9 US President John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Kennedy, 1954

#10 Princess Anastasia (Daughter Of Russia’s Last Emperor), 1914

#11 Buzz Aldrin, Gemini XII Mission, 1966

#16 Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain, 1992

#18 Photographer Florence Vandamm, 1947

#20 Richard Avedon And Sophia Loren, 1960s

#22 Belgian Artist Henri Evenepoel, 1898

#28 Ed Feingersh Self-Portrait With Marilyn Monroe, 1955

#31 Ronald Reagan & Lester Wisbrod, 1980s

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