30 of the Most Amusing Order Fails That Came From Online Shopping or Misleading Advertisement

Online shopping is a new emerging trend. People who are too lethargic to go shopping in malls prefer shopping online.

However, shopping online is always a risk. You are promised one thing and delivered something totally different. There’s a chance that you may end up cursing yourself for placing your online order.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 most hilarious online shopping fails that will make you go ROFL!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with your friends and family to prevent them from shopping online and facing such fails.

#1 Doesn’t look that sexy now, does it?

#3 Not ordering anything online ever again..

#5 I’m definitely not going to the beach in this

#6 When your expectations get brutally slaughtered

#8 So those 100 bucks aren’t coming back

#9 Looks like she just got admitted to monk school

#13 Not sure what body part this was designed for

#17 Thought it would make my day. Ruined it instead.

#18 It’s sexier than I thought it would be

#26 My expectations never get fulfilled

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