30 Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Picture Perfect

We all know how great celebrities look in highly edited photos, but the real test is how good they look on the red carpet, and on their social media. A picture is worth a thousand likes and a snapshot is supposed to reach thousands of people. The first impression on the minds of people like us is that these gorgeous celebrities are highly photogenic. However, the fact is quite different.

Each actress, model, and a famous person has their own tricks that allow them to look good in photos. It’s not just their best side that they turn to the camera, or a winning angle they might use. There are many less obvious tricks that often contribute to their stunning photos.

Listed in this post are 30 such tricks which you didn’t know about. Scroll on and enjoy.

#1 Not Looking at the Camera

The Jenners are often seen utilizing this technique for the perfect candid selfies. Avoiding eye contact with the camera may just give you your desired results

#2 The Chin-Down Trick

Gigi's tutoring us about her specialty, the chin-down technique. You slightly tilt your face downwards while looking into the camera so that your chin is below camera level.

#3 Always prefer the Left Side

If you would pick celebrity photos, a majority of the good ones are taken from the left side. This has made us believe that usually, the left side of a person's face is more suited for photography than the right one.

#4 Disguising Laughter in the Smile

Laughing while posing for photos is a very common practice but disguising your laughter behind your smile gives out an adorable yet catchy vibe.

#5 Showing the Pursed Lips

Are you in search for a look that is elegant and classy? The pursed lips might just be the solution for you. Hiding all your expressions behind those closed lips intrigue the viewer into taking a deeper look into your personality.

#6 Using the Top Angle

Most of us already know about the top angle. In routine, this is the most common angle for daily life selfies. Pouting is an add-on but make sure you don't overdo it.

#7 Tongue pressed on the Palate

Take notes from Lady Gaga as she implements the tongue presser here. This is a unique technique and does not work for everyone. All you have to do is to gently press your tongue on the palate while looking at the camera.

#8 The Seized Smile

Smiling for the camera is an easy task, however, seizing just the right amount of your expressions can sometimes bring the best of you.

#9 Hair on One Side

Out of the many things that the Kardashians have taught this world, putting all your hair on one side for pictures is a technique we should be most thankful for.

#10 The Squint

Can a squint really make you look good? Yes, if you get it right and your face type supports the expression. A perfect demonstration can be seen here.

#11 Shades Can Always Help

This technique is already acknowledged universally. Every single person looks better in shades because they add a certain swagger to your personality.

#12 Find Your Perfect Filter

Everyone has a favorite filter and it is necessary to have one these days. For example, Kendall here is using chrome, which compliments her personality and adds to the overall background scheme.

#13 Work on Finding the Best Natural Lighting

Cara seems to have found the perfect lighting for her selfie in the wildlife safari. Whereas, you may be able to find it in your backyard on in the street.

#14 Spend on a Professional Light

In case you're not a fan of natural lighting, also considering that it is not available 24/7, you should spend some money on purchasing a professional light. Kim's photo is a good example of how artificial lighting can be used best.

#15 A Light up Phone Case Could Really Turn Things Around For You

We have often seen Kim Kardashian using the light up phone case in her mirror selfies. This technique can also come in handy for you if you're a fan of mirror selfies.

#16 Understand all your angles

A human body can give 100 different vibes from all kinds of angles. Before posting pictures, you have to find the angles that suit your body the most. Moreover, the camera alignment with those angles is also an area of interest.

#17 Keep the phone above eye level or at it

Zendaya is demonstrating this technique accurately. Only 10% of people can take good selfies while keeping the phone below their eye level. Therefore, keeping it at or above eye level is the way to go.

#18 Find your appropriate standing pose

Taking standing pictures is not for everyone. So when you take these, find the pose that suits your body and your face most appropriately. A certain pose might be fitting for another person but at the same time, look awful on you. Therefore, find your own standing pose.

#19 Celebs always prefer standing over sitting

Celebrities prefer standing mirror selfies above sitting ones because they compliment their body, background, and dressing in a more fitting way.

#20 How to best portray your cheekbones

We can learn a lesson or two from Lady Gaga about making the most of cheekbones. The top angle helps more during the cheekbone display.

#21 Wear clothing that compliments you

Every human being is different and that is why clothing suits people differently. Finding the right attire is the biggest ask for good photos.

#22 Never take one selfie. Always take multiple.

Guess we already know that because who takes one selfie? Well, some people do. Hence, taking multiple selfies is always a good step because that gives you options to pick from.

#23 Try a post processing app

Photoshop and Lightroom are two of the most famous photo post-processing applications. You can find out which one suits you more because believe me, they can do wonders.

#24 Keep a simple background

People should be able to focus more on your face rather than the background. So you should try to keep the background as simple as possible. A light color would be better for natural lighting, whereas dark backgrounds help more in artificial lighting.

#25 Hands should not be limping

Limping hands have ruined more photos than anyone can imagine. Therefore, you need to make sure both your hands are placed in perfect positioning.

#26 Could really use a “relaxed” hand

Here is Kourtney's accurate display of the "relaxed hand" technique. This gives a casual and catchy vibe to the photograph which appeals more to the viewer.

#27 Use the primary camera more often

In almost all the latest phones, the primary or back camera is at least 4x better than the front cam. Hence, taking photos with the back camera is a better option. Also, you need high-quality photos to run post processing on them.

#28 The camera timer could come in handy

When asked in an interview, Jeniffer Lopez said that she prefers to take photos by the help of her camera's timer. This allows her to focus more on her expressions and letting them out at the right moment.

#29 Always use appropriate makeup

The choice of makeup depends on many conditions, including weather, lighting and the occasion. So you have to put makeup accordingly, not overdoing or underdoing it.

#30 Make sure your clothes match your skin tone

As mentioned previously, the clothes you wear must compliment your body and not do the opposite. So wearing clothes that don't match your skin tone would be a big mistake.

#31 Make your eyes smile for you

All of us have heard the phrase "talking through the eyes". It's poetic but an actual thing. Make the most of your eyes and let them do the talking in pictures.

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