Artist Hilariously Photoshops Her Cat In Most Amusing Situations and Results are Hysterical

Do you like cats? If so, you should definitely check out Audrey Spencer’s work.

In her own words, Audrey is a hobbyist cat storyteller and “Snapcat” artist. She is working professionally as an industrial designer. She creates some seriously awesome and hilarious cat photos by editing felines on random images.

The feline stars in Audrey’s photos go by the names of Maya and Oskar.

Maya uses her feline beauty to get away with all sorts of trouble making while Oskar chews everything it can get its paws on. They’re an adorable duo that have inspired to Audrey to create awesome pictures.

In this post we have listed up our favorite photos from Audrey’s collection. You can learn more about her work on the following links: Instagram | Website | Snapchat | Twitter | YouTube | Vine

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 Welcome to the cold jungle

#2 It’s a bunny kitten

#3 Cat-o-cado

#4 The C130 Kitty

#5 Lover of the trees

#6 What squirrel? Me?

#7 Seal the deal

#8 My Anaconda Kitten

#9 Chicken legs

#10 You calling me an owl?

#11 Cat of the jungle

#12 Hop Hop Hop

#13 Kitty keeps me warm

#14 All I wanted to be was a butterfly.. Meow!

#15 Kill all these Fake News!!

#16 Walk of the giant

#17 She’s a seal-er

#18 My neck is longer? seriously?

#19 Owl city

#20 I like the weather. It’s Christmas time!

#21 Did someone say “Nut”?

#22 She’s watching you

#23 You’ll find me wherever you go hooman

#24 The Cat of Wall Street

#25 Red Bull gave her wings

#26 King of the Jungle


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