20+ Awkward Yet Funny Couple Photo Fails

Life is more beautiful when you have a soulmate with you. A person who understands you makes your life much more interesting and amusing.

We see different kinds of beautiful couple photos every day. Some of these photos are really cute but some others are quite hilarious.

We’ve compiled an epic collection of weird couple photo fails. These pictures are quite awkward and embarrassing as well, but they will surely make you go ROFL!

Scroll on folks and enjoy these weird fails. If you know a couple, don’t forget to share these fails with them.

#1 The age gap over here is killing me

#2 There’s too many questions popping in my mind

#3 When you secretly let out a fart and realize it was more than that

#4 What’s wrong with this mermaid?

#5 When nerds try to act romantic

#6 They don’t seem to be on the same page here

#7 That’s one unlucky banana

#8 When you overdress for a party and your partner fully supports you

#9 The Bed time story theme

#10 When you really wanna “Represent”

#11 The oldie goldies

#12 Nobody can keep them apart, literally!

#13 When you have a two faced life partner

#14 The amount of makeup on this woman makes me worry

#15 When you’re not so good looking so you use your Photoshop skills to impress the girl

#16 Throwback to El Dorado

#17 He’s about to get tattoos soon

#18 Someone forgot to follow the dress code

#19 Keeping the ring’s safe

#20 Checkout your origins little one

#21 Will they name their kid “Jupiter” or “Pluto”?

#22 Find me a girl that has her own helicopter

#23 When you don’t bother to buy a wedding dress and use garbage bags instead

#24 Big Joe tied the knot

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