20+ Celebrities Photoshopped Hilariously

Anything is possible with photoshop! This brilliant software helps photographers and artists in editing and transforming their images to perfection.

However, as far as our entertainment is concerned, Photoshop can also be used to move, remove and insert elements into an image. We have compiled a list of 20+ celebrity photos that are hilariously photoshopped. From Justin Bieber having no teeth to Obama with big ears, this list will make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Don’t forget to share them with your friends and make them laugh too.

#1 The Mask is back

#2 Never expected Mr. Bean to be the Dark Lord

#3 Miss Hillary Cage

#4 A little extra hair won’t hurt

#5 Ah that smile!

#6 It’s in the past now

#7 Miley and her super powers

#8 Who’s the big guy now?

#9 The perfect hair job

#10 A little makeup never hurt anybody

#11 Lacoste Reignited

#12 Guess who’s the next James Bond?

#13 8 Mile Remake

#14 Hillary doesn’t look that happy since the elections

#15 Post Dehydration

#16 20 years from now

#17 We’re a happy family

#18 Britney’s got the curls

#19 Die Hard 5.0

#20 What hair removal is he using?

#21 Sandra’s experiment

#22 When your Botox goes wrong

#23 Mila’s the perfect friend with benefits

#24 The Expandables

#25 Red Carpet Look

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