20+ Epic Designer Fail Masterpieces That are Impossible to Miss

Attention to detail is always one of the most important skills for designers.

Sure, we can’t all be Leonardo da Vinci when it comes to designing something but, we are sure everyone can use their common sense every once in a while. However, some designs are often so messed up that you have to wonder who even approved it.

We have compiled a list of 20+ epic designer fails masterpieces that are impossible to ignore. You will go ROFL by the time you finish our list.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

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#1 Nobody told me the terminator had children here

#4 Results of hiring an architecture dropout

#9 Attempted handicap assistance… that failed though!

#10 You’ll need tiny fingers for this one

#13 I don’t know why but this door reminds me of death

#14 It’s white and it’s soggy… guess what it is?

#16 Differentiation skills need to be on point

#23 When people run out of toilet paper

#26 I’m gonna take a rain check on bowling for tonight

#27 The second one tells how white your teeth are gonna be afterwards

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