20 Epic Restaurant Brand Name Fails

A brand encompasses an identity, a unique heritage, and a personality. Its name is supposed to symbolize all that it stands for. However, not everyone understands the significance of a brand name and so they end up naming their brand without putting much thought into it. This results in hilarious brand names that are an embarrassment to everyone that is associated to that brand.

In this post, we have listed up hilarious brand name fails that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 Sounds like a porn movie title

#2 They’ll take good care of you

#3 Wanna get something cleaned?

#4 Fully protected cabbages

#5 come then?

#6 Not eating here at any cost

#7 What has this relationship given me?

#8 Any plans for today? I might just …

#9 Their specialty is meat balls

#10 Where did you get your crabs from?

#11 Not my kinda hot pot

#12 I’d prefer cleaner ones

#13 The message is clear

#14 Follow these simple two steps

#15 Wanna enter?

#16 “Dip your balls in our sauce”

#17 Didn’t know Indians were into this kinda shit

#18 The restaurants named after two people…

#19 Gotta do both

#20 She still won’t remember it

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