20+ Funniest Faceswap Fails Ever Happened

Teens are hooked to Snapchat because of its beautiful selfies and awesome filters. Faceswaps are one of the most popular filters in Snapchat. Using this filter the users can swap their faces with other people or objects.

The results of face swaps are super hilarious and often creepy.

Listed in this post are photos of the hilarious horrors of face swap. You will be laughing out loud by the time you finish going through the list.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#6 How lonely are you? I am friends with a nose…

#11 There’s a Zombie apocalypse upon us

#15 How much can you love your parrot?

#16 Wanna know what it feels like being a puppy?

#21 This is the saddest face swap of my life

#26 It’s sad when you can swap your face with a stuffed toy

#29 Swapping faces is not what we should do

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