20+ Random Funny Fails

Are you getting bored? Is there nothing going on in your mind? Then this article is especially for you!

Sometimes things don’t go the way we expect.

A simple moment can turn into a hilarious fail. That fail probably make you frustrated, but when you look back at those moments they are nothing but epic memories.

We’ve listed some hilarious and epic random fails which will make you go ROFL!

From hilarious accidents to some crazy toys fails, this list has everything in it!

Scroll down and enjoy.

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#1 My nephew’s four legged duck

#2 If you select yes, you will fail the test

#3 May be she forgot her glasses

#4 Now she wont come back in kitchen

#5 No so comfortable

#6 Thats how an elephant looks like

#7 May be this toy was designed for adults

#8 Who want to blow him up?

#9 Toy recycling..

#10 Moment before they decided to buy a car

#11 Perfect picture for her special day

#12 Striking the best pose for the picture

#13 Looks like he didn’t saw that one coming

#14 At this moment she knew, she fucked up

#15 Safety first!

#16 No thats not what you are thinking, its her feet

#17 Wind does not care about any princess

#18 What happened to Pooh

#19 and I was wondering if web just came from Spiderman’s hands

#20 I like topless ladies but this…

#21 They are not sure what to name it

#22 *Knowledge

#23 Epic dad fail

#24 Toys are getting more realistic these days


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