20+ Funny Facebook Photo Fails That Will Make You Double Check Your Photos Before Uploadin

In the age of social media, Everyone is busy taking photos. We’re all obsessed with selfies and candid shots.

Millions of photographs are taken every day to be uploaded on social media. People yearn and crave for social love such as likes, comments and reactions. This obsession can often lead to hilarious fails.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of photos that gained a lot of attention on social media, but unfortunately, not for good reasons. From epic fails to some savage comments, we’ve got everything! These pictures will make you cautious, and you’ll double check your photos every time before uploading them. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite ones!

#1 Not in his crotch

#2 Well this is embarrassing

#3 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

#4 “Your Tattoo”

#5 Brian is pissed

#6 They should looked whats going on in the background

#7 Just a sweet mother

#8 Well that was savage

#9 She doesn’t looks like 16 tho…

#10 May its time to change your girlfriend

#11 Best Fake ID ever

#12 Wrong date got her hard

#13 Grandma’s setup is very creative

#14 Creepy Dad…

#15 Manga Love

#16 Whats he doing with the other hand

#17 My uncle got a sharp eye

#18 Perspective matters

#19 Hoping thats her feet

#20 Why parents should never use Facebook

#21 Never fall asleep in class

#22 Hard Halloween


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