20+ Funny Random Dump of the Day

Getting Bored?

You’re at the right place. This is a dump of the most senseless, absurd, weird and hilarious photos found online.

From senseless photos of brainless adults to adorable poses of children, you will find a lot of funny pictures here. There are a few witty jokes in the photos as well such as one in the 11th photo.

Scroll through and laugh your heart out to ward off the boredom. Share this post with a couple of your friends too so you can all laugh together.

#1 I liked the Chill one better so tomato ketchup got offended…

#7 How desperately can someone need a couch?

#10 There’s a cruise service for ducks

#14 Raincoat? Umbrella? How about a bathtub?

#17 The Saw people could take a lesson or two from this guy

#23 If grandma designed car seat covers

#25 Wanted a tire cover for so long. Couldn’t have found anything better than this!

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