20+ Hilarious Christmas Design Blunders That Will Tickle Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is right around the corner. Families and businesses are bustling with the Christmas spirit. People are throwing themselves into their holiday décor as they welcome the Christmas season. Businesses take this opportunity to boost up their sales by giving discounts and selling Christmas themed items.

Christmas is a stressful time for many businesses as they have to increase production to meet up the spike in demand. The increased workload often translate into hilarious blunders in terms of product design and service execution.

In this post we have listed up some of the funniest Christmas design blunders.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#5 There can’t be any second meaning to this

#6 Just some green architecture. Nothing inappropriate.

#8 Where’s the maple syrup coming from?

#10 Stuff you should not gift your children on Chirstmas

#20 This artificial Christmas tree is all I could afford

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