20 Times People Did Unusual Marriage Proposals

The marriage season is just around the corner. All these beautiful relations started with a cute kind of proposal.

A marriage proposal is something that the couple always remember and it surely makes sense because it’s one of the most memorable events of their life. However, some marriage proposals are not quite romantic. The struggle of having a memorable marriage proposal often turns out to be a hilarious fail.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 most unusual marriage proposals that will surely make you laugh. These people surely have a great sense of humor.

Scroll on and enjoy folks. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#1 Carved in a tree.

#2 Seriously a BURGER!

#3 Yes Pizza I will

#4 Na you idiot

#5 Not bad

#6 How bout that?

#7 Pokemon Proposal

#8 Get Out!

#9 Nerdy Proposal

#10 Hopefully the coffee was delicious, otherwise, you’re in trouble

#11 Mom Will You Marry Dad?

#12 Heart Attack!

#13 The Pepsi hard core fan!

#14 Guys a genius!

#15 Make her cry

#16 I like to take risks!

#17 The Washroom Proposal

#18 The Xray guy!

#19 Please marry me please!

#20 Thug life!

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