20+ Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos Ever Taken

A trip to a theme park is incomplete without a ride on a roller coaster and a picture to go along with it. These photos stay in the family for generations and are taken out on family events to reminiscence over the fun trips.

Some people even plan their roller coaster photos making sure that everyone is looking at the camera with the right pose at the time of the photo. It doesn’t always come out as planned, but the result is almost always hilarious so it works anyway.

In this post we have collected hilarious roller coaster photos that will be relateable to anyone who’s ever ridden a roller coaster themselves.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 Diving right into the week like

#2 When you see her without makeup

#3 Bebe doesn’t like it very much

#4 Let’s all do our own pose

#5 Like a boss

#6 The front guy is me after I commit mistakes

#7 When praying to God doesn’t help so you lowkey pray to satan

#8 Hands in the air!!

#9 They took the ride 5 times in a row, nobody saw their real faces

#10 When you remember the answer to a question from yesterday’s exam

#11 To each, their own

#12 When you’re the only guy so you try your best to act macho

#13 Hail Hydra

#14 That feeling of achievement

#15 Someone had to bring Simba into this

#16 Priorities.

#17 When the hormones kick in at the wrong time

#18 Making new discoveries on the way

#19 They clearly have more than one problem


#21 The best facial exercise

#22 This kid is me every time I talk to girls

#23 Did it for the snap


#25 She cried her heart out

#26 Baconstrips…

#27 I don’t wanna die so soon


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