20+ Most Entertaining Photos of Pretty Girls Being “Ugly Ducklings”

Some ladies like to get a little funky when they’re taking selfies, and lets face it funky selfies are so much better than regular ones.

It’s always entertaining to compare regular pictures with funky ones, it is almost like comparing two different personalities of a person.

In this post we have listed up photos of beautiful women comparing their regular pretty look versus their funky “ugly duckling” look. You’ll seriously enjoy the collection, don’t miss the 9th picture that is just hilarious.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#10 If you can’t love me at my right, don’t love me at my left…

#12 How I see a boy vs How I see him when he can’t differentiate btw “your” and “you’re”

#14 Find yourself a girl that looks at you like my gf looks at food

#17 How she looks at me when I tell her I gotta go out with friends

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