20+ Restaurants That Like To Serve Food “Differently”

One of the most enjoyable thing in life is to eat good food with good friends.

Why use boring old ways when you can serve food in a creative style. Chefs around the world present their food in fascinating ways. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Some restaurants took this idea to a whole new level. The objective of serving food ‘differently’ turned into a complete disaster!

We’ve compiled some photos which show the hilarious fails by certain restaurants. Have a look at these epic fails, and tell us about your favorite one.

Scroll on and enjoy!

#1 A Slab of Slate to server this, really?

#2 Why would they server in Briefcase

#3 When the restaurant owners are too broke to buy utensils

#4 Where is the rest of my plate?

#5 What an idea to serve in umbrellas

#6 What an lightning idea!

#7 All this just for 1 strawberry

#8 The only steps I take in my life

#9 No wonder why it was named as “The Gaga Dish”

#10 Two much for an afternoon coffee

#11 Who let the granny cook?

#12 May be its time to start using plates?

#13 A lovely salad

#14 A shovel full of breakfast

#15 This looks disgusting

#16 Like I was not already depressed about my calories intake

#17 This restaurants must have a lot of rats

#18 Who would like to have ping pong pad serving?

#19 Well… where is my res of the sausage?

#20 Need to find the food

#21 Coffee in carrot? Please NO!

#22 Cesar salad

#23 I like my olives served like this

#24 Orange could net get more fresh


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