20 Times Hotels Failed Miserably

Everyone needs a good vacation!

For many of us, going on holiday is a special treat that doesn’t occur too often. So the idea of staying in a lovely hotel can be quite fascinating for everyone.

Though before you plan your trip, you should know that the world is a crazy place. You may find bizarre hotels with miserable fails that may ruin your trip.

To prove our point, we have created a list of some hilarious hotel fails that will make you question people’s sanity. After seeing our collection, you may want to stay home forever.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

#1 Have a good night’s sleep

#2 I don’t get these modern washroom designs

#3 A couple of extra stairs don’t hurt nobody

#4 Solve the puzzle

#5 They said there will be a window with a view

#6 Instant alarm clock

#7 This was quite a challenge

#8 Cost cutting ideas

#9 Spot the problem

#10 It’s a matter of reach

#11 Stared at this for a few minutes before realizing its not a real shadow

#12 These signs are more confusing than my girl

#13 “Window with a view”

#14 Take me to -1

#15 This shall keep me entertained

#16 Taking a dump with a cold back

#17 Salute to the designer

#18 Sleeping with back pain? No problem!

#19 This hotel is anti-mirror selfie

#20 Space issue resolved successfully

#21 Utilizing all the space

#22 I guess more people will be sharing the bed now

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