20+ Times Runway Fashion Fails Hilariously

Creativity can’t be purchased or borrowed, it needs to be found with perseverance and openness to experience.  You can’t really expect to be creative under stress or impending deadlines. However unfortunately our society doesn’t get it.

Designers are forced to be creative under unjust deadlines to make sure their designs are ready in time for fashion shows. Often breaking under the pressure of deadlines, designers end up producing absurd collections that make absolutely no sense. Not only are they horrible aesthetically, but they suck at practicality as well.

Listed in this post are hilarious photos of the worst outfits seen on runways.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 Straight out of the wild

#2 Gotta keep the hair flying high at all times

#3 When you are a pants lover

#4 When the folding’s so good you don’t wanna unfold it

#5 What carpenters should look like

#6 Hey cone-head!

#7 She’s such a gem…

#8 The bakery girl

#9 Representing the butcher’s room

#10 A work of art indeed

#11 When you’re forced to wear warm clothes in winter

#12 I see you

#13 I’ve got my eyes on you

#14 She’s a little twisted

#15 Hairy in his own way

#16 When you’ve gotta take a dump really bad

#17 A colorful meatloaf sandwich

#18 Show off those muscles

#19 Anyone order cushions?

#20 When its cold outside and Mom dresses you up

#21 The chicken must be here somewhere

#22 How I feel after staying in the cold for too long

#23 Unveiling would be a tough job

#24 Floyd Mayweather who?

#25 A different kinda Toy Story

#26 Is that an action figure?

#27 If the red riding hood wore designer’s dresses

#28 Is that a fancy sleeping bag?

#29 The mime lady is here

#30 Marshmallow 2.0


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