20+ Top Funniest Wildlife Photos 2018

Comedy Wildlife Photography awards is an annual competition that calls for photographers to share humorous wildlife photos aiming to promote the message of wildlife conservation. The competition is open to all photographers regardless of their expertise.

As per tradition, the competition was held this year as well.

Finalists have been announced for the comedy wildlife photography awards 2018. Out of a total of 2000 submissions, only 41 images were selected to be among the finalists.

Listed up in this post are some of our favorite photos from the finalists. You can check out the complete collection on the following links: Website | Facebook | People’s Choice Award

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

#1 When the Dj plays a beat you’ve been waiting for

#2 When you wake up and realize its Monday again

#3 When you finally remembered her Birthday

#4 When the teacher’s calls to explain something and the whole class be looking at you like

#5 All my friends when I talk in a British accent

#6 Yep. That’s how you look on your passport photo.

#9 Better than most bike riders I usually come across on the road during Rush hour

#13 When she picks another guy over you

#16 When someone says “porn” in front of the family

#21 When that booty so good you can’t resist

#23 When you spot your crush in public

#27 When someone keeps cracking lame jokes

#30 When she says “your so handsome”

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