30 Celebrity Face Cakes Fails That Will Make You Laugh to Tears

Our love for sweets hides in our genetics. Sweets like cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate, and other flavors cakes cause excitement in the souls of those who have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, busiest schedules of modern life don’t let us cook sweets at home so confectioners offer their help in return of money.

Well,, cake fails are quite common these days, especially when you decide to put celebrity faces on cakes. In this post, we’ve listed cake fails that will make you go ROFL. These people tried making cakes with a celebrity face on it but failed miserably!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#8 Her highness wishes you happy birthday

#9 May your day be filled with joy, joy!

#15 This is what he’ll look like after his tenure ends

#18 They made JB look like Donald Trump

#22 Hannah Montana fan club presents..

#27 Why do they use chocolate only for colored celebs?

#28 That Hotline isn’t blinging anymore

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