30 Celebs Photos Taken at "Perfect" Place and Time

They say that timing is everything. Well, it’s particularly true in taking photos. Everyone is a huge fan of perfectly-timed photos that capture funny or unexpected moments that come and go with a blink of an eye. Anyone with a smartphone, DSLR or any other sort of camera can capture a hilarious picture taken at the right time, place and angle – whether it’s staged or spontaneous.

In our era, where we’re habitual of seeing unrealistic glamorous photos of our celebs, such ”well-timed” shots can be quite amusing for the fans. In this post, we’ve compiled 30 celebs photos that were captured at perfect place and time. From Taylor Swift and Rihanna to the gorgeous Emma Watson – these ”not so glamorous” photos will surely make you go ROFL! Scroll through our list, and maybe you’ll find some ideas of what to snap next! Enjoy peeps.

#1 When you go shopping with mum and she gets you free ice cream

#3 When someone you just met tries to get personal with you

#5 When you wake up in the morning in a room you have never seen before

#9 The kind of photos my friends take for me

#10 The curious case of Reese’s chin

#11 When your friends say, “We’re gonna study from the start this time”

#13 When he’s being cocky for no reason

#14 No, I’m not under the influence of any drugs

#17 When nobody believes Amal is your wife

#18 Falling into another relationship like

#20 Kiss me or I’ll make a song about how much you’ve hurt me

#25 I don’t know why I keep gaining weight

#30 When there’s too much lemon in the food

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