36 Embarrassing Yet Funny Drunk People Fails

We’re well into summer, folks and we bet, you’ve noticed the classic signs of the season such as the abundance of grilled food and a lot of alcohol for getting drunk.

In summer, we all love to have cold beers and whiskey on the rocks, but few of us really know when to stop. So peeps, be warned of all the hilarious and stupid mistakes one can do if they don’t know when to call off on their drinks.

Listed up in this post are 36 embarrassing yet funny drunk fails of people who really sucked at holding their liquor.

Scroll on people and enjoy!

#2 Too many questions about this picture

#4 Because drinking from the bottle is for amateurs

#5 Who needs a glass when you have water proof Jordans?

#7 Getting drunk and playing dress up, he’s living the life!

#9 Friends that doze off together, stay together

#20 A moment of silence for the fallen

#21 When the meal is too yummy you can’t handle it

#24 I would love to know the story behind this

#26 Post clubbing or mass shootout scenes?

#27 Never try a back flip when you’re drunk. Especially not in the toilet.

#29 What’s the worst that could happen? This!

#32 I’m not drunk. Just taking a bath.

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