30 Epic Bathroom Designs FAILS That Will Make You Giggle

According to research, there is at least one horror story of every American regarding the public toilets. Whether it is due to the carelessness of people or it’s because of some weird toilet designs – every one of us has been a victim of this fail once in our lifetime.

We’ve compiled a list of photos showing epic bathroom design fails. These hilariously absurd fails will surely make you laugh out loud.

Now stop reading, scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these funny photos with your friends and make them laugh too.

#1 Making a toilet out of minimum resources

#3 When you’re not sure of the blur percentage

#4 Just looked down while taking a dump and almost got a heart attack

#5 Wanna try some creamy ice cream while you complete your task?

#6 Two people may get bored alone so here’s a better idea

#8 When the toilet is so clean you can brush your teeth with it

#11 When you spend too much time in the toilet so you want more people to join in

#15 Well, that’s as simple as a toilet could get

#19 Because real men don’t need privacy

#20 This is your only chance at getting some action

#21 “Public” toilets. Quite literally…

#25 How many people would bang into these mirrors in a minute?

#28 Toilet trips will last for hours now

#29 The concerned area is really clean

#30 Try some new chords while you’re here

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