30+ Epic Cosplay Fails

If you’re a fantasy fanatic then you must know that it takes a great effort to come up with a good cosplay.

Cosplays were used to be a hobby that was once pursued by just geeks and nerds but now it has become more mainstream. People invest their time and a lot of money to dress up as their favorite fantasy characters. However, it does not always work, and people aren’t able to get all the details right.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 epic cosplay fails. These photos will make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

#6 The son of Asgard doesn’t look in a very good condition tbh

#8 Sonic has gotten a lot leaner over time

#10 If Homer Simpson was in a horror movie

#11 Iron Man be like: It’s rewind time

#15 I imagined him to be smaller in real life

#16 Pikachu’s human version really sucks

#17 Spiderman + Captain America + The Mask + Thor = Absolute Craziness

#21 When you don’t have money but wanna participate in the fancy dress competition

#22 Tin foil and wrapping paper is all you need

#23 Even the Joker would cry after watching this cosplay

#25 The whole cute image of Bubbles is ruined for me now

#27 This unicorn will haunt me in my dreams

#32 What have they done to you Vegeta!!

#33 When you tell your child to throw the garbage out and he comes back like this

#35 Can’t argue on the “angry” part

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