30 Facepalm Worthy Unflattering Haircuts to Avoid at Any Cost

We all have gone through a bad hair day. Whenever that moment comes, it feels like it’s the end of the world. The horror and embarrassment of having the “worst haircut ever” are enough to hide in a place, and never been able to show your face again. Well, such fails are understandable, but what’s hard to digest is that when people get absurd haircuts intentionally!

In this post, we’ve compiled 30 photos showing most hilarious haircuts that we must avoid at any cost. The following haircuts are so bad that if you were in their place, you would immediately relocate to the mountains and stay there until you look pretty normal again! It is just unbelievable that people decided to style their hairs like these on purpose. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Also, don’t forget to share these photos with your friends.

#1 Taking inspiration from the cowboy himself

#3 When the barber starts experimenting on you

#5 When mom asks the barber to give you the haircut

#7 Taking back combing to the next level

#15 She’ll take you to the dark lord

#19 When you accidentally strike that trimmer

#22 Don’t mess with people that have hairstyles like these

#25 When you’re the pointiest dude in town

#30 People pay more attention to her that way

#32 This is what it means to have your “hair on one side”

#34 This hairstyle can’t be explained

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