30 Fans Who Hilariously Trolled By Celebrities Who Have Great Sense of Humour

Trolling is an art, and you need a lot of practice to master it. However, celebrities are pretty good at it. They get followed by paparazzi and their fans all the time, so our stars get plenty of time to use this important skill.

Listed here are photos of 30 fans who were hilariously trolled by celebrities. From Nicolas Cage and Tom Hanks to our gorgeous Beyoncé – our superstars surely got a great sense of humor.

Now stop reading, scroll down and enjoy peeps! Share these epic photos with your friends as well.

#1 Fans wanted Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawerence selfie. He’s good

#2 Tom Hanks fan wanted a photo with him without leaving the house

#5 But seriously, Tom has the best sense of humor ever, doesn’t he?

#6 Girl Takes Cardboard Cutout Of Devito To Prom, So he did this

#10 This man wanted a photo beside the Microsoft logo. He got more than that!

#17 Sandwich Shop Offers Liam Neeson Free Food, Liam Neeson Shows Up

#19 Cole Spouse taking picture of fans who take picture with him

#23 Michael Rooker showed up to the set of Avengers to f**k with us

#27 Michael Cera stepping into your selfie when you’re not looking.

#28 Adam Savage Attending Comic-Cons in disguise to not be recognized

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