30 Funniest Expectation Vs Reality Fails

Perfection is the primary objective of everyone’s life. People spend all their lives in order to achieve this purpose. However, this concept of perfection only looks realistic either on the internet or through different out-of-the-world marketing campaigns.

People take inspiration from such platforms, and while trying to replicate them they end up in hilarious fails. Listed in this post are 30 funniest Expectations vs Reality fails. These hilariously ridiculous photos will make you laugh out loud.

Now stop reading, scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these epic pictures with your friends as well.

#3 When you don’t pay your barber enough money

#5 Too much effort to get the wet body out

#7 Fishing trip expectations vs reality

#8 The air pressure doesn’t affect Superman

#16 I’m having second thoughts about eating it

#17 How I want my life to be vs How it actually is

#21 Ripping pattern not satisfying enough

#24 So it was all Photoshopped I believe?

#27 What you think it would look like vs What it actually turns out to be

#30 The scariest minion you’ll ever see

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