30 Funny Cooking and Food Fails That Will Make You Feel Like a Master Chef

Cooking is not for everyone. If you think that you can go into the kitchen and cook something randomly with perfection, then you’re living in the fantasy world.

Cooking is not as easy as it seems. It requires a bit of talent and a huge amount of luck to cook something with perfection.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 photos showing hilarious cooking fails. These epic photos will make you laugh out loud. Now stop reading, scroll down and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#7 I made my pregnant girlfriend pancakes. She didn’t like them a lot

#10 Ever seen such a crime done to a chicken. See for yourself.

#16 What happens when you get drunk and fall asleep whilst cooking.

#27 They ordered an Elsa cake. It was..a bit different than expected

#28 When your husband tries to be smart and messes up really bad

#33 The day you made your first & last batch of chocolate chip cookies

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