30 Funny Fails Captured at the Perfect Time

Our life is full of drama.

Sometimes we face moments of laughter and some other times it gets a hell lot of boring. No matter who you are, you’ll face moments when nothing will go the right way. For the time being it may feel annoying, however, if such moments are caught by the camera then they are nothing but epic memories.

We’ve compiled photos of 31 hilarious fails captured at the perfect time. These photos will make you laugh out loud.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well.

#1 You may be able to run fast but can you fly?

#5 When you laugh so hard everyone starts laughing at you

#10 Scooby dooby doo.. where were you?

#12 When your sailing buddy decided to go off board

#15 There’s always that failed poser friend

#19 The moment you know for sure its all a mistake

#21 You need a crazy amount of guts to do that

#31 There’s a reason it covers two thirds of Earth

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